Information and Rules


1. There is no fishing off limit period for either tournament.
2. Tournament Headquarters – Blast off and weigh-in will be at Zorbaz in Spicer, MN.
3. Tournament waters will be only Green Lake. No fishing past the bridge to Lake Calhoun.
4. All teams must be registered and checked in a 1/2 hour before the start of the tournament at the front of the
Zorbaz dock. Tournament boats may be launched elsewhere on the lake but all boats must start and finish at
the location above.
5. All boats must be back and checked in by the appointed times (with clothes pin on the board). Penalty for
late arrival to weigh-in is disqualification. All boats must check-in after the tournament even if they have
no fish.
6. Both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass (in any combination) will be counted. A limit of five (5) fish per
team may be weighed in. No more than 5 fish can be in your livewell at any time.
7. Dead fish penalty is four (4) ounces per dead fish weighed in. The penalty for culling dead fish is
disqualification. Dead fish is defined as a non-releasable fish.
8. Short fish penalty is one (1) pound per short fish plus you lose the weight of short fish. Minimum length is
12 inches.
9. Weight will be measured in pounds and hundredths of a pound. (Ties will be broken by the largest fish in the
bag first, and a coin toss second.)
10. Only artificial baits are permitted. Nets will be permitted. Trolling is not permitted.
11. This is a catch and release tournament. All boats must have a properly equipped operating livewell. Before
the tournament, all boats and livewells will be checked.
12. Life jackets with kill-switch attached must be worn when the gas motor is running.
13. Leaving your boat is only permitted at tournament headquarters with the exception of severe weather.
14. All Minnesota fishing and boating regulations apply.
15. Contestants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or have parents written permission to
16. Alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs are not permitted in the boat during tournament hours.
17. The tournament director may prescribe additional rules, if necessary. All protests must be made by the close
of weigh in. The tournament director will make the final decision in all matters.
18. Blast off position will be determined by random draw the morning of the tournament.
19. No personal contact between boats during tournament hours & maintain a respectable distance from other
20. Knowledge of these rules are your responsibility. Violations of these rules and/or MN laws and
regulations may result in disqualifications. Be sure to Clean, Drain, Dry, No exceptions!